home_wiring_maple_lakeHome wiring Maple Lake should be done by professionals, like the guys from Wired Electric. Doing your own home wiring or having a friend or family member who thinks they know what they’re doing could result in someone getting shocked, harmed, and/or major problems down the line, including electrical fires.

Did you know that tens of thousands of homes have electrical fires each year causing $1.5 billion in property damage? At an average of $32,000 per fire, this statistic should serve as a cautionary warning to any of you who think you want to attempt home wiring yourself.

You wouldn’t ask a 12-year-old to drive you somewhere, right? Sure, they’re mildly familiar with cars but they don’t have the training or experience to safely get you to your destination. The same goes for home wiring Maple Lake. You may be familiar with how electricity works, but you’re probably not a trained, experienced electrician. If you’ve never run wires through your walls and haven’t a clue what your home’s building materials are made of, or what’s behind your walls, doesn’t it make sense to leave the wiring project to those who do?

If you choose to wire your home yourself and something goes wrong you could not only get harmed but also end up paying a lot more money in the end to fix your mistakes.

Wired Electric’s electricians take every conceivable safety precaution there is when wiring a home– wearing protective equipment, checking the fuse box to make sure the wires they’ll be handling are ‘dead,’ and testing the circuit, too, to make sure there’s no current before they start their work. In addition, professional electricians carry their own insurance, relieving a homeowner of all liability just in case something goes wrong.

Leave your home wiring Maple Lake to the professionals; call Wired Electric today at 612-306-5314 or email contact@wiredelectricmn.com to ask for a free estimate to get the work done.