exterior_lighting_installation_maple_lakePretty soon you’ll be entertaining guests on your backyard patio or deck. For exterior lighting installation Maple Lake, choose Wired Electric to get you and your guests out of the dark.

Besides having chairs, a table and some green plants and colorful flowers, a backyard patio or deck needs exterior lights not only for beauty but also for safety’s sake. When you or your guests need to see where you’re going in and out of the house, it makes sense that you’d hire a professional to install proper exterior lighting.

There are many options for lighting a patio or deck including the ubiquitous under-eave porch light and/or floodlight. Lately, rope lights– strings of small, regularly spaced bulbs encased in a clear plastic tubing–have been popular, too. Now is a good time to hire Wired Electric to take care of your exterior lighting installation Maple Lake so you can maximize the number of warm weather weeks to truly enjoy your patio or deck as a well-illuminated place to relax.

Wired Electric can handle all sorts of exterior lighting needs. In order to light a person’s pathway outdoors, consider brick lights, which get installed in the soil and often look like a patio paver. Also, path lights, with their shades, offer a wide, downward spread of light to help guide people along a path. Hanging lantern lights can also illuminate people’s way, or an area in general.

Outdoor lighting can be decorative– many people like to have lighting installed which illuminates parts of their home’s exterior and/or certain accent shrubs and trees. This light creates a welcoming, comfortable feeling for those who experience it.

Before summer comes, call Wired Electric at 612-306-5314 or email contact@wiredelectricmn.com to get your free exterior lighting installation Maple Lake estimate. Maple Lake residents: now’s the time to start thinking summer!