Have you ever been inside someone’s home that looked so out-of-date that you felt like you stepped back in time? It’s 2014, not 1964! Unless a person is decidedly going for a “retro” look, it’s important to refresh the look of one’s home now-and-then in order to keep up with “the times.”

These days you don’t have to make major changes to a home to update its look—though you could, of course. Rather, think about changing your home’s light fixtures. Face it, the gold brass look of the early 1990s is not what’s in style anymore.

When a person walks into your home through the front door, they notice the light overhead. Is your ceiling light old and ugly? Be honest with yourself. It is, isn’t it? “Oh, I haven’t changed anything since I moved in years and years ago,” is often the case for all too many people.

Imagine if you never updated your wardrobe—you’d look pretty silly wearing what was popular decades ago when no one else would even think of wearing those clothes, except for a costume party. The same idea goes for your home. The light fixtures from the 1970s and 1980s and even the 1990s are just plain old.

Consider Wired Electric—your Maple Grove electrician—for upgrading your home’s lights. We’re a well-rounded company that takes care of residential electrical system upgrades covering much of the state, including Minneapolis. Our professional electricians can come into your home, look over your old light fixtures, and then present you with affordable options to bring your lights up-to-date. The old style of light bulbs that suck up lots of energy and cause high electric bills can be replaced with ultra-modern, efficient lights that do the job well, but cost a lot less to use over time.

First impressions count. Visitors to your home notice the light fixtures and will judge you on them. Do you want to be the envy of your friends and family, with sleek, cool lights? Or do you want to be someone who is made fun of behind their back because they haven’t updated their light fixtures in decades?

New lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, sconces, and overhead lights can spruce up the look of your kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room and more. Connect with Wired Electric today at 612-306-5314 and tell us, “I’d like a free estimate on upgrading my home’s lighting fixtures.” Let our Maple Lake electricians bring your home’s lighting fixtures into the 21st Century.