electrical_maple_lakeOur homes use several electrical devices. Maple Lake residents would not want to go back to the time of “Little House on the Prairie” when life was lived by candlelight, rather than “Electrical Maple Lake.”

It’s actually pretty astounding to think of all the things we use that run on electricity. Can you name a couple? Consider these: oven, fridge, toaster, microwave, blender, can opener, dish washer, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron, computer, television…

As a society, we’re constantly moving toward a more automated home whereas you can use your mobile device to turn lights, appliances, and other electrical items on and off. Maple Lake is on the cutting edge of this technology and Electrical Maple Lake is important to sustain. Wired Electric of Maple Lake can help wire and program your home to be a “smart home,” utilizing electricity and technology safely and efficiently. The future is now.

A smart home is defined as a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer. More and more people are upgrading their homes to make this part of their reality. Indeed, you could be miles away from home nowadays and use a computer to remotely adjust the temperature in your place, draw the curtains and/or turn exterior lights on to make it look like someone’s at home. This is a pretty dynamic achievement when you think about it. Wouldn’t it be cool to tell your friends and neighbors that you can control your house from your phone? Definitely.

What seemed like fiction in the past is coming true today, and Wired Electric’s competent, trained and highly professional workers can handle your electrical needs in Maple Lake to help make your home a smart home an produce the “Electrical Maple Lake” that you need. Indeed, Wired Electric’s electricians “do it all” with no job too big or too small. Discover the possibilities by calling Wired Electric at 612-306-5314.