electrical_issues_maple_lakeWe’ve all got “issues,” that’s for sure. But what about those of us with Maple Grove electrical issues? Have you noticed your lights flickering for no good reason or a short in one of your fixtures?

Houses and businesses are equipped with electrical wires which carry power to things like TVs, lights, and appliances. The electricity moves about much like a race car goes around a track– if all is well, it can go around and around with no problem. But, if there’s a glitch–a “short”–then what’s known as the circuit breaker ends up shutting down the race.

Have you ever noticed that when you plug in a certain appliance and try to use it several other things in the home or office turn off? For instance, you try to run the dishwasher but then the freezer and trash compactor won’t work. The circuit is probably overloaded. Wired Electric fixes Maple Grove electrical issues.

Sometimes older outlets have been improperly wired or wires have deteriorated (or been chewed by mice) such that the outlet no longer functions as intended. You want to plug something into the outlet but you get shocked every time you do and it’s so frustrating!

If and when you’re experiencing electrical issues, it’s best to consult a professional electrician because trying to fix it yourself could lead to harm, injury or even death. A professional from Wired Electric is well-trained and experienced in finding and fixing electrical problems. They know all about circuit breakers, fuses, wall wiring and more.
Electrical issues in Maple Lake are like mosquitoes in a Minnesota summer: annoying. Call Wired Electric at 612-306-5314 or email contact@wiredelectricmn.com today to discuss any Maple Grove electrical issues that you’re currently having; Wired Electric can then provide you with a free estimate to diagnose and repair the problem(s).