low_voltage_wiring_maple_lakeFor low voltage wiring Maple Lake, consider hiring Wired Electric. What is low voltage wiring and why might you need it?

Well, have you seen landscaping that’s lit up at night? Those little lights dotting the sidewalks and gardens of homes and businesses in and around the area are using low voltage wiring Maple Lake. Aesthetically speaking, shiny copper or plated-metal fixtures stand out, while green-, black- or brown-painted fixtures can blend in with the surroundings.

The outdoor lighting industry has adopted 12 volt systems as their standard for outdoor applications, rather than the typical 120 volt system. Obviously 12 is a lot less than 120. These low-voltage systems use small light sources, can be modified as needed, and are considered safe.

Landscape lighting cables are made for burial underground. A typical cable will run from a transformer to each light fixture in a system. Low-voltage cable is commonly available in 12-, 14-, or 16-gauge whereas the lower the number the thicker the wire and the greater its capacity.

Do you want to install landscaping lighting yourself? It might be wiser to have professional electricians do the job. For low voltage wiring Maple Lake, Wired Electric can handle the job. Experienced electricians take great care during installation especially with regards to the currents in the system. They’ll know how many fixtures a circuit can properly handle, and they’ll also know about correct wire sizes so that the system doesn’t get overloaded. Furthermore, they’ll be able to check for poor wire connections, knowing where to look and how to adjust them as needed whether it’s a new installation or you need someone to investigate why your existing outdoor lights aren’t working.

Would you like low voltage wiring Maple Lake? If so, Wired Electric can meet your needs; just email contact@wiredelectricmn.com or call 612-306-5314 and ask for a free quote.