Minor home electrical issues in Maple Lake can sometimes be fixed by a homeowner, though it’s probably a smarter idea to call a professional from Wired Electric if you want the job done by an experienced electrician.

How can you tell if you have electrical problems in the home? First, check and see if an outlet-in-question works properly. If you plug something into it but for some reason it will not work, it could be that something tripped the circuit breaker, or it could be more serious.

Sometimes, when you use things like hair dryers, an outlet stops working—the circuit breaker has been overloaded and shut off electricity so the wires wouldn’t overheat and start a fire. You can sometimes solve this problem by plugging in the offending appliance into a different outlet in a different area of the house, so it’s on a different circuit. Or, it may be time to have an electrician come into the home and upgrade a particular outlet so it can handle power-hungry machines properly.

Do you notice your lights flickering? Check to see if the bulbs are “all the way in” and the proper wattage for the socket; if you still don’t know why they’re flickering, call an electrician to come diagnose the problem. Also, if you notice faulty or frayed wires, see strange brown spots, or smell something burning, a fire could start. It’s best to have an electrician take a look and see what needs fixing.

With cold and icy winters in Minnesota, outdoor PVC pipes containing electrical cables can become brittle and crack in the harsh elements. In order to prevent your electrical cables becoming exposed to the weather, consider changing/upgrading to a metal covering, which is stronger and lasts longer.

Have you checked your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors lately? They may need new batteries or to be replaced all together with new units. In addition, if your detectors are wired to the wall, and have been there for “years and years,” you should consider having an electrician install a newer replacement to keep up-to-date.
The older the home, the more likely it is to have faulty wiring—after all, time takes its toll on everything, including wires.

Homes should not have exposed electrical wires. They also shouldn’t have overloaded plugs/circuits, lots of extension cords running from room to room, or open slice wire, which is when wire is conjoined using only electrical tape and/or wire connectors. All of these things can be safety and fire hazards, and need correcting.

Wired Electric serves many homes dealing with electrical issues in Maple Lake and nearby towns in Minnesota. Call Wired Electric with any questions or concerns about your minor electrical problems.